Artist Statement

Inspired by natural and supernatural processes of transformation, I strive to depict fantastic metamorphoses of extraordinary subjects in my paintings, drawings, and installations. I am fascinated by the various phases of transmutation. Much of my work may be described as portraits of non-people, still lifes of non-objects, or landscapes of non-places. Portions of the image may be decipherable, suggesting a current state, while there are others that may foretell what the form will be in the future, and still others that will recall past incarnations. The finished piece becomes a snapshot of numerous brief, ephemeral moments charged with perpetual tension. My imagery is inspired by disparate sources: from work by artists Francis Bacon and Hieronymus Bosch, to anatomical, botanical and geological studies as well as science fiction films of the 1970-80s. They reveal to me a longstanding investigation into the mutability of biological states. Any organism, living or not -- plant, animal, or bacteria -- left to the earth’s natural cycles become chemically hybridized forms, subject to further varied expressions of inherently the same matter. I render these paintings in a language drawn from the craft of horror because I am also interested in engaging with the fear of the unknown, the undecipherable, and a state of uncertainty. However, I believe there are moments of anticipated hope in my work, as well as awareness that through these massive shifts, though the process may be difficult or appear destructive or alien, something majestic and beautiful can be revealed.


Scott Greenwalt was born in St. Louis, Missouri 1974. Currently based in Oakland, California.


1999 MFA, Drawing & Painting, California College of the Arts

1996 BFA, Drawing & Painting, University of Central Missouri

Exhibition History


"The Known Universe" Root Division, San Francisco, CA (group)


“Protoplasmic Terrarium” White Walls, San Francisco, CA (solo)

“Strange Waves” Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle, WA (group)

“2015 Opening Show” White Walls, San Francisco, CA (group)


"Degeneration/Regeneration" Loakal, Oakland, CA (split with Smith|Allen)

"The Skull Show" Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA (group)

"Process of Purpose" LeQuiVive Gallery, Oakland, CA (group)

"Infestation" Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen, DK (solo)

"Uninvited" Nihil Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (group)

"Estados Naturales (Natural States)" Fifty24 Gallery, Mexico City, MX (group)


"Possessed" Keystone Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA (group)

“Gestation Period” Aside Gallery, San Francisco, CA (solo)

"Inaugural Exhibit" Little Lodge Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)


"Phenomenal Specimens" Weekend Space, Los Angeles, CA (solo)

"New Works" 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA (split show with Justin Lovato)

"Winter Group Show" Fecal Face Dot Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"Strychnine Divine" Holland Project, Reno, NV (featured artist)

"Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip-Hop Clothing" Fecal Face Dot Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)


"Alchemist" Gallery Hijinks, San Francisco, CA (solo)

"Astromanna" As Is Exhibitions, Oakland, CA (collaboration with Andre Eamiello)

"Round Trip" Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle, WA (group)

"Dark Surroundings" Lower Haters Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)

"Paint By Number" WE Artspace, Oakland, CA (group)

"Spectacular Beasts" Incline Gallery, San Francisco, CA (three person show)


"Eruptions" Hotel Biron, San Francisco, CA (solo)

"Mutatis Mutandis" Belljar, San Francisco, CA (solo)

"111 at 111" 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)

"Feeling Better Already" Double Punch Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)

"UNEARTH" Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA (group) 

"Above the Plane" Design Within Reach, San Francisco, CA (group)

"Between Gray Areas" MacArthur B Arthur, Oakland, CA (group)

"We Haven't Felt This Way in Years II" Gallery Heist, San Francisco, CA (group)

"Derailleur Impaler" Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)

"Diverse Chorus" Scoop Studios, Charleston, SC (group)

"What It Is" Timezone Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)


"Studies of Mutation" Stockholm, San Franciso, CA (solo)

"Collaborative Permutations" Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)

"Well Done" Hotel Biron, San Francisco, CA (group)


"Under the Weight of Shattered Hands" Hotel Biron Gallery, San Francisco, CA (solo)

"Green Show" Edo Salon, San Francisco, CA (group)

"Black Bile Communion" Balazo Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)

"Animal Show" Contraband Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)


"Recent Work" Contraband Gallery, San Francisco, CA (solo)

"Mean Street View" Contraband Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)


"Community Virology" LoBot Gallery, Oakland, CA (group)


"Creep Show" Balazo Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)


"After the Roof Caved In" Bakery Loft, Oakland, CA (group)


"Spit and Image" Eddie Rhoades Gallery, San Pablo, CA (group)


"Inflatable Structures" Door 3 Gallery, Oakland, CA (solo)


"Atmospheric Conditions" Jacqueline Charno Gallery, Kansas City, MO (solo)

"New Figuration" Late Show, Kansas City, MO (group)

"RE:Members" Malin Gallery, Kansas City, MO (group)


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